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Produzione e vendita di sacchetti di plastica, buste e bobine.

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The Company

We are specialized in the production of flexible packaging, reels/tubulars, bags in low and high density polyethylene, homopolymer polypropylene, cast and coextruded.

ISO9001 certified, we are a dynamic structure with production lines of new technology that allows us to manage all your needs and / or urgency.

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  • Production and sale of flexible packaging in high or low density polyethylene and polypropylene;
  • Bags neutral, colorful, with personalized printing, with zipper or flap adhesive also perforated;
  • Polyethylene bags suitable for contact with food;
  • Antistatic bags;
  • Fireproof bags;
  • Document holder bags;
  • Mater-Bi bags, biodegradable bags and shopping bags, plastic sheets , roll bags, shaped garment covers bags, industrial plastic lengths, double welding bags, films for automatic packaging;
  • Knitwear bags, bags for magazines also doubles;
  • Seat covers rolls, extensible manual and for machine-work ;
  • Reels of tubular or single fold ( minimum width 35 mm ) ;
  • Shoppers and soft handle shopping bags , all suitable for food packaging;
  • Reels and bags made off recycled material;
  • Pluriboll and foam bags, sheets and reels (expanded polyethylene) also suitable for electrical equipment (antistatic bags);
  • Non-woven (tnt) bags, non-woven bags coupled with polypropylene;
  • Print up to 8 colors;
  • Various sizes of bags and film, tubulars and reels in stock according to customer requirements



-          Seat covers rolls, extensible manual and for machine-work ;

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